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I opened the box with trepidation. I could feel my heart pounding so fast in my chest that my head was spinning and my vision blurred. My blood pressure must have shot up at the instant I started cutting the tape. Nervous? You bet. I wasn’t this scared when I had my first date as a widow. I really...
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Hi there!   I'm E.D. Wilson, but you can call me Ed. I've seen this site around for awhile and always thought to myself, "Maybe I should join?" Well, here I am! Okay, I'll try to type with more tempered enthusiasm. I'm just now realizing this probably isn't too exciting to read. Anyways...
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A few weeks ago, during the Pleiades meteor shower, my family and I lay outside on a recliner staring into the sky. Behind our house, with all the lights off, it is very dark, but the city lights blaring from the thirty miles of sprawling burbs in front of our house still drown out all but the...
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I'm about to be become a first time author as of January 12, 2009. Yes, I'm excited. However, I never anticipated the painful process I endured for five months to reach this point. Let me give you some background so that you can follow this track. I wrote a non-fiction book about Sara Jane...
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This is momentous for me in a kind of small way, in that it's my first-ever blog. Normally, in a conversation, I wait to hear what the other(s) want to talk about, and then, maybe, I'll have my say. In fact, I'm a terrific listener and mostly quite interested to hear what 'you're' thinking about. I...