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The evening was perfect. Caroline could not believe how happy she was, twirling around in Randy's arms under the low lights of the Elk's Lodge. Her dress, a beautiful sateen the color of spring leaves, accentuated her auburn hair, freshly washed and curled. Each time the music ended, Caro took a...
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  I got a later start in life than most when it came to love.  As a young person, I was reserved, a little aloof to rituals of dating, much more focused on writing and my studies.  A gawky teenager with thick glasses, I preferred to read about romance than bother with the mess of...
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A Kiss... Smooch or peckgrazing the cheek or lips. A Soul Kiss... French kiss,filled with desire. First Kiss... Each time we embark on a new relationship we enter the realm of "firsts." The first kiss is always memorable. I can think of some clunkers, but the best first kiss was definitely the...
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Most people when asked would claim that it is not ideal to go all the way on a first night of hooking up with someone. I wonder what happened to our imaginations. Where is the sparkle of a srarry night? I do nto see anything wrong in going all the way when I am with someone I like and there are...
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“You really are beautiful you know,” You look at me with so much love in your eyes. “No,” I respond, startled and confused. We lean toward each other slowly.                                                                           Our first kiss. “What? No kiss?” You ask me then smack my...