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I did it! I started my next novel today and got 2,597 words down. Basically Chapter 1 is almost done. I plan to finish Chapter 2 as well tomorrow... and then onward ho! I'm planning on about 3,000 words per chapter. There are 18 Chapters in the book, so that brings us to a total of at least 54,000...
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I took the day off from writing to look over my plans for Rule of Thumbs book number 2. Star Dragons Quest takes place before The Thirteenth Dragon in order to give some backstory. I've split the book into 6 parts: 1. Creation. 2. Rebels. 3. Disaster. 4. Quest. 5. War. 6. Chaos. I plan to start...
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My book is done! Yay! Yay!  Can you hear the fireworks and the pop! pop! pop! sound of champagne corks? Nope? That's okay, because there aren't any! But I am celebrating in my own way... With a smile and a pat on my own back... GRIN... pat pat pat! Now I will take a break and look over my...
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Page 1 Flawed - Prologue - First DraftLondon, Summer     Back home in America every single person that Evelyn Irving knew was enjoying their summer off from the day to day agony that was high school. Back home in America her friends were spending hours talking about ridiculous and frivolous things...
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I just drew a deep breath and finished the thing in a fast pace, just to get all the things in there and set it aside. Honestly, I had trouble even thinking I'd trudge on and on forever with it, so well, here I finished it, with 52 and something and a major loose end left dangling for the second...
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I have actually done it.  A few minutes ago, I broke 50,000 words on my NaNo novel.  I now have 50, 710 words and a completed first draft of my first manuscript ever.  I can hardly wait to start the editing process.  I might make a copy of the draft just so I can do that.  I need the original to...
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When I was a teenager, I promised my parents I would write the Great American Novel. This got me out of spending a summer as a clerk at Bloomie's, where my mother worked and where she had helped land me a summer job. It's not that I was against making money; I wasn't, although I never put it as the...
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One of the wonderful things that happens when the writing has gone well is that on re-reading you discover you were writing more than you knew. To explain, as I'm re-reading  Probable Claws,  which is simply intended as a fun mystery, I'm realizing that the theme of commitment and its opposite,...
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WOOT! I've finished – at least I think I've finished – the first draft of Probable Claws. It's a little over 86,000 words, which seems pretty hefty for a cat mystery! Too big? Hmmm.... Tomorrow I start reading it through to see if it makes sense.