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First Books this was originally posted on my blog, www.thelettuceedge.com, and it would seem a piece about books is a good place to start at Red Room. As a new Kindle reader, I have been giving some thought to the value of paper books over digital and it is sad to think of a world that no longer...
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Attention, Solitude, and First Books: Jane Hirshfield in Conversation   by Jane Hirshfield The following is an interview with Jane Hirshfield conducted by Poets.org staff in August 2011. Hirshfield is the judge of the 2012 Walt Whitman Poetry Award from...
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Check it out : http://savvyverseandwit.com/2011/05/lit-windowpane-by-suzanne-frischkorn.html 
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When I’d finally prepared the final version of the manuscript for my first book, Things I Learned from My Grandmother About Leadership and Life, I breathed a big sigh of relief and hit send to fire it off to the publisher.  A couple of months later when I received the galley proofs, I read over...
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It is spring of 2005. I am about to finish my first novel. After five years of writing and research, I'm closing in on the final chapter. The writing is flowing, really flowing—has been flowing for the last year or so. Somewhere along the way I tapped into a vein—actually, a main artery—of...
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For anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming an author, Meg Waite Clayton’s website is a delightful and inspiring place to visit. Meg is the author of the bestselling novel, The Wednesday Sisters, a book about a group of women friends. They meet at a park in Palo Alto, California, in the late...