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“Please blog about your experiences learning a foreign language”, you said. And I thought: this can’t be that hard. I love languages; I’ve learned a few, this should be easy. But it wasn’t. The blank screen stared at me, waiting, but my fingers refused to write. The problem wasn’t my lack of...
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A stock market specialist Sits in front of the computer And checks the quotation Of your hopes, your dreams and your dignity. Then he decides which one to sell first.
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  Let me tell you about the nightmare I had last night. I was on the street with many thousands of people in a protest against the increase of taxes in my country. I was complaining about the Finance minister, when everybody stopped. I looked around, everyone was quiet and ashamed. In front of...
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  God, Country and Family   People humiliated at work To feed their children   God, Country and Family Children free from school So they can work in factories   God, Country and Family The father leaves mother And children To Work abroad   God, Country and Family People...
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A few weeks ago, I went to a local library to give back some books. The librarian registered them in the computer, almost mechanically, and then took a second look.               – You read poetry!?       ...
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 I was about seven when I saw my first vampire movie. Boy that was scary! Vampires were biting people’s necks and drinking their blood and then the victims became vampires and the whole thing happened again, again and again. I remember thinking: if this happens too often, one day, the whole...