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This is a question I am often get asked by journalists, readers and people who attend my talks.  So I thought I'd give you a shortened version of my answer, below. I loved adventure and mystery novels when I was young, and this has continued throughout my adulthood with crime fiction. I adore...
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Dawn has hardly woken, awoken, or even awaken. Well, in 'struth, dawn woke an hour earlier but mankind, being what it is, likes to sleep late. According to daylight savings time, however, and the 9 a.m. rush hour, it still is early. It is so early, my makeup is not on, not even the tinted primer...
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Like most authors I am often asked, 'where  do you get your ideas from?''  In this new video, which I've just uploaded, I talk about how I got the idea for my fast-paced crime thriller novel, In Cold Daylight.  I'm also reading the prologue from In Cold Daylight.  Here is a short blurb about In...
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This whole wedding thing is complicated. As my fiancé Kathi Kamen Goldmark noted in her Red Room blog—which I, frankly, view as competition—the venue where we’re holding the wedding, the combined San Francisco’s Swedish Hall and the Cade Du Nord, has no handicapped access. But we’re already...
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Lord H and I have spent the day wandering around Hampton Court Park and Bushy Park. And what wonderful sections of parkland they are. We managed to see the grey phalarope that we went in search of very easily indeed, hurrah! And what a pretty and surprisingly small wader it is. Astonishingly tame...
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The plot line in my thriller, In Cold Daylight, which was shortlisted for the World Book Day Prize 2008, is turning out to become more of a reality than I envisaged when I first started researching and writing it some years ago.  This is  probably because it was based on a true story which I...