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Eizabeth Stark Powers is a beacon and anchor for many writers.  She is the author of Shy Girl, a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award and the Ferro-Grumley Award. (She’s also finishing a complex and brilliant novel that I’ve been lucky to read in the early stages.)  In addition to...
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Another aha stroke bolted into my mind last week.  Late at night, surfing some television, I came across an advertisement for a show called The Moment.  It's new and I'd not heard of it.  Don't know which channel was doing the offering.  Hosted by an ex-NFL quarterback, Kurt...
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I actually started and finished something in the same year. Okay, not calendar year. But still. And I guess it's not finished. But it's complete. That's something.
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About a year or so ago I was unwell for a long period of time, and most of my life came close to a standstill. As a type of occupational therapy, I took up knitting. Figuring that I couldn’t write for a while, I didn’t want to lose the use of my hands, and knitting seemed a good way to keep them...
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I am a notoriously poor finisher. Most every thing I do I do well for ninety percent of the job and then find the remainder too tedious or boring. Whether it is a kitchen remodel, motorcycle repair, writing project, or a walk around the block, I bail at the end. Kitty used to kid me (only half...
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During the first week of November, I felt like the month of writing was going to be smooth sailing.  50,000 words in 30 days seemed like a simple concept and I managed nearly 2,700 each day for 7 days straight.  No problem!  NaNoWriMo was going to be a breeze. I had a couple of days where I just...