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"So what?” you may well ask. For starters, I'm a better writer. Plus, I've finished my first novel, "Hummingbird" starring PI McElroy (yay!).  The third edit of which was critiqued by my distinguished professor at Iowa Writers Workshop, who said that even after a solid two weeks of reading...
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I started to train for my first half marathon over 3 years ago. I got about halfway through my training program and realized that I hate running, so I gave up. Last year, some friends in my church group were adopting a baby and participated in the Chosen Marathon to help them raise money. It was...
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I thought I'd never finish this damn book. Actually, I'm not even finished, but I did stick a fork in the first draft of book number two earlier this afternoon. That's been my goal all weekend, and it's been a moving target for a number of weeks. Before I went to the Saints & Sinners festival...
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  Bow the head   To bow the head in gratitude Means total change in attitude Great make over with transformation Heart is filled with new information   In return splendid joy with no strings How much happiness and peace it brings? In abundance and ever lasting As water come out from...
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It’s not often that my book life and my sailing life overlap, but it happened last week.  In one week, I checked off two of my biggest goals for 2010. Last Friday, I submitted a file (only ten minutes late) that represented almost a year of hard work.  Cape Cod Surprise, complete with layout and...
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Whatever you want to call it, it's finished! In the last post, my usual optimism was showing when I said I'd finish the synopsis on Saturday and rest on Sunday, but here it is Monday and I just zipped it off to my agent a couple of hours ago. It's long. When people ask me how to write a synopsis,...