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It's Read an e-Book Week. For my part, I'm offering 50% off Finding Sarah, and the companion short story collection, Finding Fire, is free. It's one week only. Pass the word. It's a perfect opportunity to read the first of the Pine Hills Police series and be ready for Saving Scott's release....
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The manuscript for my third Pine Hills Police book is done. At least my part for round one. It's now in the hands of my editor. Because the book is the third in a previously published series, I knew there would be no chance that a traditional publisher would want to pick it up, so it's an...
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First -- Happy New Year to those who are celebrating the arrival of the year 5772 in the Jewish calendar. Please keep an eye on my sidebar at Terry's Place. That's where you'll find updates, including savings on books and more. And I've been negligent in mentioning that Sept. 24 - Oct. 1st is...
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Writing, especially if you're going the indie route, requires a lot of non-writing stuff. When I got the rights back to my Pine Hills Police novels, FINDING SARAH and HIDDEN FIRE, and I decided to consolidate the 4 short stories featuring Randy and Sarah into a single volume, FINDING FIRE. (...