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The other night I came across a sports program discussing the monetary value of National Football League franchises. A former sportswriter, I paused as a financial guru sunnily predicted indvidual franchise values surpassing $2-billion. I wondered if concussions and brain damage influenced value....
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  Express Yourself!™ Radio produced by Cynthia Brian, http://www.Star-Style.com     Imagine losing everything in your home. Natural disasters are traumatizing that leave lives devastated. Co-hosts Katelyn Darrow and Youngjoo Ahn discuss how the events of October 2012 are still...
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  I am considering this past year and in what ways things went well and other things went to hell. Off the top of my head, I see far more positives than negatives. Although the one negative that is flashing in neon is a biggy: finances. I need to organize my financial records better. I need to...
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Nebo nails it. "When I feel lonely, my first thought is that you hold the key to my loneliness. When wanting respect, my first thought is that it is waiting on the other side of some mammoth achievement...I try so hard to find what I need or want outside of myself, certain it is waiting for me...
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Last September, I met Louis. From our first date, I felt at home with him. Within a few months, we were living together. My cats are now "our" cats. His friends are my friends and vice-versa. For the first time, each of us is involved in a real partnership. It's not just that we split things...
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What does financial independence mean for people of African heritage?  And how can we achieve it?   The current economic climate is engendering a lot of fear.  Many people are facing layoffs and redundancies.  Many more are seeing their pensions shrink.  What are some practical solutions for us and...
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Click here for my recent blog about More Black Success Volume 10, which focuses on Black business success.  Click here for my recent interview on Interviews with Black Entrepreneurs.  Click here for more free ebooks and reports.  Here's to your success!  
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Some say God is never late. I think it's important to note that God is never late - in His own timing. As with a lot of things, our timing and/or perception of things isn't always matched up with God's. Case in point. We ran late on rent. First time we've run late on a bill in the last year. I'...
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Goldman Sachs Arts Grants Online Application After announcing our intention to donate millions to charity this week, Goldman offices were immediately besieged by requests from bohemian types for somewhat sad sums for “projects.” Since we are deeply concerned about the welfare of America’s artistic...
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Coming home from work today, with more bad news lingering in the air, I wondered how the media can compare what is going on now to "The Great Depression." If the unemployment rate never got higher than a certain percentage and we are coming nearer to that number -- big deal! There are...