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What a wonder is a writer who, after 400 years, is still plumbed to create an adaptation of his imagination and work. Great art is eternal. And I like the looks of the trailer, too. [DE]   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Watch Joss Whedon Adapt William Shakespeare By Jason Boog   The...
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Harper’s Magazine, March 2013 If one were to hang one’s hat on any articles in this issue as talking points relating to todays significant issues in the U.S., one need only read through the first dozen pages. That begins with Thomas Frank’s essay, “Blood Sport,” on the Connecticut...
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photo: from the film's Wikipedia page   I'm posting this entry quite a bit after I'd seen the film because I wanted to post the entry for Silver Linings Playbook before Sunday's Academy Awards--as at least Jennifer Lawrence should win something from that very good film--and because I wanted...
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Caryn James wrote an interesting review of Idol Gossip that appears in today's New York Times Book Review section. The book is about how people both worship and resent film actors. I've long been fascinated with how films imply that our own lives could be more interesting. Characters in movies...
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Photo: movie poster, from its Wikipedia page _____ [Note: The word "Crazies" here is used to denote the categorical, but not universal, behavior of the characters described, and the behavior of their real-life counterparts.  Never doubt that these behaviors cause these victims to suffer--...
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That is Toa Fraser's adaptation of Lord Dunsany's novel, Dean Spanley (2008), a film which was distributed directly to cable. Set in Edwardian England, Dean Spanley is a wise, witty, and understated story of familial love, loss, and reincarnation. Full post here.
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Photo: Istanbul's Hagia Sophia, from the film, and from the film's Wikipedia page.   I'd wanted to see this film for a long time, since before it came out, and I'm glad I did.  I'm not a huge Ben Affleck fan; I've long considered him to be the more pale of the Affleck / Damon team....
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Photo: Movie poster from its Wikipedia page   Any Tarantino flick is worth seeing, and this one is no exception.  Though worth seeing, however, I can't say it was on par with his latest and greatest.  In fact, this one was the biggest disappointment for me since Jackie Brown....
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American troops in Iraq quietly observing the holiday spirit prior to the Iraq War's end. (Reuters photo by Saad Shalash) Why do you think certain creative works make such a powerful and lasting impact on a wide range of people? By way of example, consider the very edgy TV drama series...
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Photo: The Tree of Life movie poster, from it's Wikipedia site.  (See this film.  Roger Ebert, in this year's Sight & Sound poll, said it's one of the ten best ever made, world-wide.)   I must be a movie lover (technically called a cinephile) because:   1.  I sit...