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Noir mysteries sculpt imagery from the ice of vocabulary not the stone of definition. Stone is brittle, shaped only by tools. Mood alters ice as it weaves around characters while they struggle to live the plot without knowing their destinations or the consequences of their decisions. Like the...
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Thanks to an off-hand comment made by my pal Leslie Levine, I began wondering if someone could come up with an easy method for removing insecurity and self-doubt with beauty salon treatments. Yes, facials are nice and always makes us feel better, but the good feeling wears off the minute some jerk...
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Writing In Character - You Have to Be There By David Niall Wilson • May 4, 2009 • Comments (11) [Edit] This past weekend I bought a book just for idea hunting.  The book is titled 101 Things Everyone Should Know about Science and it covers, in very short bursts, interesting...
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Please feel free to follow my literary blogs at 1.Google Blog http://www.annettedunlea.blogspot.com Annette Dunlea Novelist Author's Literary Blog  My site is Librarything.com create your own elibrary complete with profile, catalogue your favourite books, author book giveaways and keep all your...
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My story, "The Girl, the Cat, and the Bookworm" is in the current issue of the awesome Future Earth Magazine. Download it here http://www.futureearthstudios.com/
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My farcical study of an ill-fated romance due to loving the artist in someone, but not necessarily the person is now up at Danse Macabre. This is a work of fiction and in no way depicts any real female vocalists that I know, not even a little bit. Thanks for reading.
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Vox Humana is a literary journal focused on  international writing, with a sub-focus on works from Israel and Palestine. Published quarterly, Vox Humana is open to works not only from previously published writers, but also new writers as well seeking a venue for their art. At the moment Vox Humana...
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Not long ago, and as I perused the children’s section for the perfect gift for the girliest of eight year-olds, I spied a book I’d never seen before:  Madeline and the Cats of Rome.  As a child, I loved the Madeline books by author Ludwig Bemelmans.  I knew those hallmark opening lines by heart,...
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I'm almost finished with a new novel, based loosely on my first. In the process of sharing the manuscript with some trusted reader-advisers, I sent it to a dear friend who happens to be a literary agent. Her critique boiled down to the fact that she loved my writing, but thought the book would...
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Yesterday, I finished up  a novel, Skinny Dip, by Carl Hiaasen.  I had never read anything by him, but his novels were suggested to me by one of the people in my book group.  Another seconded that opinion so I went to the shelf and picked one of his novels in  a random manner (literally I just...