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Sold in 16 countries, Dubrovnik is now FREE for Red Room Members and Authors for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. If you have yet to experience the exciting adventure novel Dubrovnik, download your FREE copy on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Experience the endearing...
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Clue: When your husband frames a younger man, shut up and be grateful.  Our wedding anniversary is tomorrow and I have no idea what to get my husband, Jacob. It has to be something good. Something really good. Really good because he is a wonderful husband. Really good because it’s our...
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Marlowe Black is my outrage, my anguish, but wasn't meant to be. I have read that a writer's protagonists and, too, his antagonists, are all facets of the writer's personality. While I willingly accept the former, I stand in clear denial of the latter. The internet age had become a living entity,...