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Sometimes I write a poem about Hindu culture for my Brahmin husband. It feeds his vague nostalgia for festivals like this weekend's Ganesh Chaturthi. Members of a Hindu household worship a clay murti of the mathematician god Shri Ganesha, and then submerge it at an immersion site. Neighborhoods...
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If you're having trouble viewing this email, you may see it online.   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Twila Belk, Publicist twilabelk@mchsi.com (563) 332-1622     Hometown Girl and Popular Author Returns for Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous       Jamie Carie will...
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(c) 2009 Jeanne Powell"Prose, Poetry, Art -- where were you?"all rights reserved If someone mentions art, slam poetry, fiction writing and live music -- you think of San Francisco, right?  Of course you do, unless you're from Berkeley, but that's another story. However, if you are talking...
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We—my fiancé Michael and I—first visited Rugby over 20 years ago for the Rugby Pilgrimage festival in August 1988. We were enchanted by the little village preserved from the previous century! While we were there, we visited the blue-painted Rugby Library and were stunned by the cases of perfectly...
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If you'd like to see me reading two of my stories from The White Road at the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Festival in Ireland in September, here they are! (It's kind of odd to watch and listen to myself... I don't think it looks much like me!) Also: a short interview with me on...
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Heard firecrackers. The moon has been sighted. Tomorrow will be Eid in my part of the world. I wonder whether I have any right to celebrate at all. The festival is supposed to be a sort of thanksgiving for all that one has denied oneself for one month. If this is the yardstick, I should be...