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In much of the pre-1900 classic literature I have read, women characters have been idealized around the mother role as nurturing, supportive, devoted. Notable exceptions would be Anna Karennina, Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter and Flaubert's Emma Bovary. These characters are memorabe...
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Mae West once said, "There are no good girls gone wrong. Just bad girls found out." I'm left contemplating those words as I watch Angelina Jolie, whose role unfolds as the ultimate femme fatale ("deadly woman" in French) over the course of her new action thriller, Salt. With...
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The term "noir " has become so universally misused-like other vague descriptives such as "Freudian," "post-modern," and "cute"-that it's virtually a cipher, obscuring more than it clarifies. Ask three different people if a certain writer is "noir,...
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As I was reading USA Today's discussion of the upcoming spy thriller Salt, and Angelina Jolie's starring role in it, I was reminded how much I love the femme fatale, a major archetype in The Supervillain Book and a leading lady in my next project. Celebrated in media from the comics to Hollywood...