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On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show Zeb Benbrook joins Phil to talk about Jason Collins ten day contract with the Brooklyn Nets, Knicks Point Guard Raymond Felton facing gun charges and look at the Golden State Warriors. Rich Baxter joins Phil to discuss the...
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I am becoming increasingly interested in audio tours that can be downloaded and brought with on an iPod, cell phone, or GPS unit. I remember one my dad had of the section of I80 from Auburn to Truckee in California. It was fantastic and we listed to it repeatedly. Here are some of the more recent...
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First, thank you all for coming out on a Thursday night.  I’d also like to thank Carlos Martinez for setting up this event, and Jim Yacopino for the introduction.  It is a thrill to be here.   In preparation, I was reading a bit on your congregation and the Emerson Circle.  Besides being a little...
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First off, thank you to all of you who have come this evening.  It’s so gratifying to know I’m not the only one who likes spending a Friday night talking about Yeats and poetry.  I'd also like to extend a special thank you to Andy McGowan for setting up this event.  Before I go much further, let...
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I;m thrilled to be back in Amherst after a great weekend in New York. I will be uploading the texts to both talks I gave in New York shortly, but first am getting the word out about my two talks this week. Just in time for Saint Patrick’s day, I will be giving not one but two slide show...
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Pull a seat up to the fire -- click on over to the Irish Fireside for a chance at winning A Journey into Ireland's Literary Revival.   While you are there, check out his list of great Irish gifts and other wonderful things.  It's a great site.
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This just in from the Passports with a Purpose effort on behalf of Heifer International.  I'm sending three of my books to a lucky winner and have already put in my money for some great prizes.  Read on for more details: Passports With Purpose: Get Ready to Win! Today, December 15, 2008, 3 hours...
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This is pretty cool. My book, A Journey into Ireland's Literary Revival, was listed as a top Irish themed gift for 2008 at the Irish Fireside website. These guys handpick stuff from quality craftspeople and artists, so I was thrilled to be included. Take a look here at the link: http://...
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Friends - I am answering questions live over on LibraryThing.  Stop on by and add to the conversation. Thanks, Todd 
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Passports with a Purpose No matter how light we pack, we almost always carry our privilege with us.  Our simple presence in a foreign land is a clear sign that we have the means to get there, and, as often is the case, when we carry camera equipment and backpacks worth hundreds of American dollars...