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Real, Feel, Heal I have a philosophy about dealing with life’s problems. It’s called Real, Feel, Heal. Let me give you some background on that. No one can avoid adversity in life. I don’t care who you are or what you do, one day you’ll lose a job, have marital problems, experience the death of a...
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  In no way it helps to be alone You are constantly facing fear of cyclone It may sometime never come and strike You may only be dreaming and flying kite   You have accepted pessimism as only way That is driving you miles away From reality and pushing to the brink It may further force you...
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  Two conditions of mind One may not be able to find Sleeps rests body at ease All calm and quiet and nothing to release   Meditation is state of alertness Only urge and divinity chase What a glory and light on face Far from any earthly race   Body and spirit does not match One for...
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The most viewed of all my bloggeries (supposedly that’s the correctname for blog posts) is The Origin of the Grim Reaper. The second most viewed is Describing a Scene in an Interesting Way.  The third is Describing a Character the Easy Way, and the fourth is Describing a Winter Scene. Apparently,...