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http://www.fictionstudiobooks.com/Fiction_Studio_Books/Our_Blog/Entries/... I have wondered many times after finishing a novel, what to do, (and if there is anything to do), with the pages that were uninvited into the final draft. There is something a mentor once taught me. “The lines that you love...
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Havel: ‘Leaving’ is all about change Havel has fulfilled his dream of becoming a director. But the script has been criticized for being flat and obvious, and the actors stiff. by Gregory Feifer It’s the latest career twist of the internationally renowned playwright and ex-dissident who led the...
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It's been a mighty long time since I posted here.  And I feel kind of bad, because I love Red Room.  I think it's a fabulous forum full of amazing people.  But, I've been busy.  Is a writer ever not? My screenplay, my "baby", is getting some love.  I am beyond thrilled, though we are...
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It starts well enough, with a striking vision of what it was like to work in a hard-scrabble hole in the ground in the 1890s, in search of silver. The madness and misery presented in the first fifteen minutes of There Will Be Blood are memorable because they are suffered in such silence, so...
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So I'm a little floored. Last summer I entered the Writers' Guild-sponsored Scriptapalooza Television Script competition, and yesterday I learned that my script, "The Vicious Circle," was picked by top agents etc. as one of the five finalists in the Original Pilot category, out of 843...