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I felt for a moment like a little boy who was going to jump and down with my hand raised "Please Sir, "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells." But instead I paused and thought more carefully about what science fiction story has really made an impression upon me - and it has to be...
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I think I’d have to describe myself as a rabid science fiction fan since I read an Edgar Rice Burroughs book I found in my school library when I was eight.  Since reading about the adventures of John Carter on Mars, I have devoured every sci-fi book, and read almost every short story I could find...
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When my cousin by marriage, Michael Vanderboegh, told me I should read Dune by Frank Herbert, I wasn't interested. There was nothing wrong with what he told me, but I could not get interested. There were too many other things going on in my life, like adjusting to being divorced with three small...
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Every so often, I get a note from the administrators at RedRoom, suggesting that I blog on a certain topic that day.  Usually I'm otherwise occupied or the subject, frankly, doesn't yank my chain, but this time around they've caught my attention. My favorite science fiction story? In my forty-odd...
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"Fantasy is the impossible made probable. Science fiction is the improbable made possible" –Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone. This week, we'd like you to blog about your favorite science fiction story. If your favorite is a classic by H. G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, or Octavia...