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When I was five my mother said she was going to teach me to memorize poetry, edifying poetry as it turned out, poems with a moral message. My mother, Mama, was a stern taskmaster and I was afraid that she would be mean to me. However, I soon realized that not only did I like poetry, but I enjoyed...
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Without question, my favorite poem is "The Bear" by Galway Kinnell (who also happens to be my favorite poet). Much of the greatest creative writing is steeped in metaphor, but here is metaphor at its absolute finest. The idea that one hunts down a poem in the same way this protagonist...
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 Sometimes I think the whole purpose of writing, art, life and other related stuff is this simple: Be present. Maybe I'm just a big old hippy. Still, I like being reminded of that and this poem by William Stafford does the trick. The poem also means a lot to me because a wonderful poet friend, Don...
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There are too many to choose from!  Some of them I return to like prayers.   In fact, I've just been asked to offer the convocation prayer at the Martin Luther King commemoration at Knoxville College, and I have been meditating on appropriate poems.  (Today, at the interfaith prayer service, I read...