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Long Island, New York, Islip Airport, October 16, 2001, 35-days after the World Trade Center attack Airport security is intense. Two of Nassau County’s finest stand on the curb with a sign bearing my name. I approach the officers and manage a smile. They reciprocate. The deputies whisk me off to...
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  Many of us have viewed the same photo over and over. The burned out shell of a 777 airliner who apparently made a serious error in judgment crashing its tail into the seawall on final approach into San Francisco just a few days ago. For the families of those that perished, the total...
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                                   “A crime which is the crime of many, none avenge.” Lucan, (39 AD – 65 AD) A large percentage of the population is functionally impaired at some point on their way to and from the workplace every day. That’s a pretty bold statement to make without proper scientific...
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Doing 60, 90, 120…ignoring or liberally interpreting the yellow “RIGHT LANE ENDS, MERGE NOW” sign, the driver of a white pick up truck scattering gravel in the break down lane passed us and cut us off, the raised bumper inches from ours, the dual exhaust rumbling.  I was captaining our station...