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Nebo nails it. "When I feel lonely, my first thought is that you hold the key to my loneliness. When wanting respect, my first thought is that it is waiting on the other side of some mammoth achievement...I try so hard to find what I need or want outside of myself, certain it is waiting for me...
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I'm naked in an upscale clothing store in New York City. My wealthy friend Thomas is buying a fancy Italian shirt. He buys clothing on a whim. We're going out tonite and he wants to wear something nice. I browse the men's clothes with him, careful not to drift over to the women's section...
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Franz Kafka was appreciative of fashion and fine clothes. He was always a natty dresser, as befit his business/government employment. But he was no slouch in the after-hours, and he liked his socializing (yes - he did). But he might be a tad surprised to be  an inspiration for today's Haute Couture...