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Blog is an ugly word, often as not denoting an ugly product. In purely onomatopoeic terms, it would do perfectly well as a description of projectile vomiting, and sometimes I suspect that is what it amounts to. As with vitriolic internal e-mails (now there’s a phrase to conjure an image), there is...
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Post of the Week Award: https://twitter.com/redroomdotcom/status/3963545011  This sunny new day in Mexico City, I woke up dreaming of ancestral vilage squares, grandma's farm lands and drum beats from Igbo landscapes of home and inspiration. Perhaps, it's because my grandma Mercy Josaiah...
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Patrick "Packy" Mader will begin his spring and summer programs near his roots, at Trista Days on Saturday, May 16.  Minnetrista is a city between the towns of Mound and St. Bonifacius and is where the farm is located that Packy lived and worked at for many years.  Please come and...
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Smith Farm Center for Healing and the Arts is a nonprofit health, education and creative arts organization that serves individuals, families and communities affected by cancer and other serious illness. Smith Farm is located on U Street in Washington, DC. It was established by artist Barbara Smith...