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Amsterdam by Ian McEwan is a novel that moves from the ironic to the satirical to the farcical. It falls on its face when it comes to the farcical, a choice McEwan, a talented writer, did not have to make. He could have done otherwise, and better, but he wanted a grotesque, too clever ending and...
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Michael Frayn’s novel Skios is comic, witty, provocative and outlandish.  I picked it up because it is set on a Greek island, and I love Greek islands, and it clearly was determined to make farcical fun of a foundation pow-wow, and that appealed to me, too. There’s something about pretentious...
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Growing up we often watched on the good old BBC, what became known as a "Whitehall Farce" along the lines of "No Sex Please We're British". One of the main stars of these shows which filled London theaters being the late Brian Rix. The shows normally ended up with the...
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An Evening With Elitzian Drajek   Then there were the three of them that lived together as a group; Lucian Maxwell, a big good-natured always grinning American Indian fellow that the artist Don LaViere Turner has sent around to help me with my new endeavor, and Lucian’s red-headed freckled-faced...
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Happy Toilet Day! When I saw an ad this morning by one of those toilet cleaning companies, I thought it was a joke. One of those happy bogs thing to market the product. Turns out there is, indeed, more to defecation than a super bowel event. Now don’t go screwing up your noses. It’s got big...
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Simon Cowell has made a huge contribution. Nah, not to eyebrow-raising ‘perfectionism’, but to charity. He has donated his time. 60 minutes of his lifetime have been auctioned for charity and snapped up for £19,000. I have no idea what he will do with the bidder in that hour. The buyer happens to...
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I have nothing against humanoids or humans for that matter, but the world’s first Arabic-speaking interactive robot has no business to be named Ibn Sina, philosopher and scientist. The United Arab Emirates University unveiled this marvel, developed by a team headed by a Greek expat, Nikolaos...
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My farcical study of an ill-fated romance due to loving the artist in someone, but not necessarily the person is now up at Danse Macabre. This is a work of fiction and in no way depicts any real female vocalists that I know, not even a little bit. Thanks for reading.
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THEATREWORKS PRESENTS TWENTIETH CENTURY This Hecht-MacArthur comedy is set in the observation car of the Twentieth Century Limited a luxury transcontinental express passenger train operated by the New York Central Railroad from 1902-1967. It was intended for upper class passengers who wanted...