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            I forgot to give my Dad update – he went through another round of chemo last week, and seems in good spirits and feeling as good as can be expected. He lost another ten pounds, though – and he didn’t have ten pounds to lose. They’re...
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In the past couple of days, I found myself pondering over some things that I read. This led me to go back in time growing up with nine brothers and seven sisters, and a dominate father. I recalled my brothers and father having to be ‘one up’ on everything. The males even let the females know they...
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I remember their smiles, the way their faces lit up my soul. I remember when I hugged them, how we laughed. And, I remember how I helped them--how they helped me. I remember the time I held one hand and how they held mine. When I cried in the bathroom, when I realized how I'd miss them. ...
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November 1     Entrenched   I have dug myself a trench and invited my friends and family.  Truth is, I drug many and tricked others and there they are in the trench I have so recently climbed out of.  It is a nasty place and I feel horribly responsible, but here is the...
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Me: "I hate spiders! Hate 'em!"   Her: "I thought I heard a scream and a splat."   Me: "Yeah, well ... you should see the other guy."
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The Truth The Realization The Repeat   The final 3 Body Shots...a love story We have all been something that someone else deemed worthy or unfit We have all looked at ourselves as blessed or cursed And it has all been based on what others have seen in, for us or about us The truth is others...
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Hollowed echoes oHollowed echoes of misfit  Misprints Unfinished sentences Half thoughts Reminders Replay  Misguided  Making me unfit to represent  Any semblence of heaven sent Pushing down fingers Past esophagus lining  Wretching tears  and words  given without...
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I've  lived in four nice houses.  The first one was surrounded by my father's roses. My newborn daughter's crib was in the second.  At the third, I had a vegetable garden. My daughter came home from school on her birthday with a fistfull of balloons and announced, "I love my life."...
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Boy, it’s been a long time since I last blogged. The summer was full of joy. I visited my children and grandson in Missouri for a few days in May. He celebrated his second birthday. That was our first true introduction since his birth and I christened him my “Pumpkin PIe”! I think that one of his...
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I want to take a minute to say something about my fans. I love you guys. Not all of my fans buy my books. Some of you have just added me on FB and have questions about my life or ask how I feel about different things. I love our talks and I love getting to know you better and share about families...