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Who is it?   Because this person grows to become the slave of the family, thus, they are subject to all types of menial tasks. This person examines all that is consumed. They both provide and make clothing; all the while they remain barely clothed. They are subject, and are expected, to give...
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A good friend, a widower, told me once that the main bones of contention in chapter 2 are children and money. In case you wonder about the meaning of  “chapter 2," in Hebrew it is the title of the meaningful relationship which occurs if or when “chapter 1,” in which people get married and...
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Welcome to the third installment of "Relatives of mine and their dangerous, scary, disgusting, highly difficult and courageous careers." I can't believe how many of these people are sprinkled throughout the family along with the rest of us losers. While the majority of us make up life's vanilla...
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February 22     SAFETY IN MY CHAIR   Sometimes I have to sit with my knees tucked up under my chin.  My feet can’t touch the floor at these moments.  I hug my legs to me, I feel contained but somehow adrift in my chair.  I center my mind on breath and pulse.  Pure...
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The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt   Imagine a book written in the twenty-first century with pen and pencil in notebooks, work on the novel taking place over ten years. What would such a book be like? How long would it be? What impact would it have on readers? Judging by sales charts in the New...
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  “The walls have ears.” That’s what my mother used to say when other adults were around who were about to say something that she didn’t want me or my siblings to hear.  But I wonder if she knew that, apparently, we were already listening in the womb?  Today, it’s a pretty popular...
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A fascinating story of discovery spanning the 20th and 21st Centuries. About the book:  When Jay Harding is given his grandmother June’s diary after her death he discovers a vivid picture depicting one Englishwoman’s life from childhood during the dark times of wartime Britain up to the...
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                                                        "The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action...
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February 8       ACCIDENT OF BIRTH   We are here together, born the millstones about one another’s necks.  Parentage equates to persuasion and I hold these strangers to my breast.  Minds having chosen, violent turns skew off radar’s blip.  I am held by guilt’s...
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prompt: brother   my brother and I enlisted in family for awhile,then broke ranks   NaHaiWriMo