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Til the Last Petal Falls: Elizabeth Rose Would you change your entire life and live among strangers in order to lead your life in a different direction? Would you take a chance and live among strangers of many different backgrounds and work for a man who seemed tormented, cold and controlling?...
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Raising Redemption: R.A. Russell Margaret Tillman’s life changed when someone decided to take away her dignity, use her for his own pleasure and threaten her family if she ever revealed the truth behind her rape. Not allowing herself to be downtrodden and never looking back she created a life for...
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Next week, that is.  The level of disquiet I'm feeling is almost overwhelming.  I'm going to ask her about the changing of the locks and allegations of criminal behavior, and that won't be easy.  I'm half expecting that she won't be allowed to talk about those issues, or that her Keepers will be...
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About ten-thirty on the night before Thanksgiving, KidThree was fixing herself a cup of tea when the cup she was using exploded, splashing scalding water over her lap.  She called me and I wanted to call an ambulance, but of course I hadn't put the emergency phone numbers for that town in my new...