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  For so long, I’ve dragged my old stories behind me, like a horse pulling a plow. I needed to try to sort it all out, to know the shape of these things that happened. Writing here has helped with that. But sometimes, it feels endless, and for what? To let the blade of the past cleave a new...
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Digging into your family's past and writing about the people and events you discover can be a fascinating endeavor. A family history also helps children and grandchildren develop a sense of belonging, a feeling of continuity between the generations. I've also found in my family history interesting...
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Writers of memoirs have a unique dilemma. How to tell their stories truthfully, and not harm or alienate the people involved. When I began to write my memoir 'Waiting for the Apocalypse,' I decided I wasn't going to show it to my father (my mother died while I was in the early stages of the first...
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Do you know that Billie Holiday song, "Good Morning Heartache"? Lady Day's lyrics personify the misery she feels at losing her lover, casting pain as her constant companion. Good morning, fear. I can't pretend to know how life delivers comeuppance, let alone why, but I'm dogged by...
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I've never understood the fascination with family history. I guess that is to be expected, since my mother was raised in an orphanage, and my father pretty much disappeared after my parents divorced, leaving more questions than answers on his side of the family. My stepfather adopted me (hence his...
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Thursday, May 1, 2008 Time to wake up and smell the coffee Remember the old song, "You're the cream in my coffee"? I'm singing it again. Not the skim milk in my coffee, or the soy in my coffee, or half and half, but the old-fashioned cream -- because from now on I'm going to stop...