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Erma Bombeck is my all-time favorite humorist when it comes to the subject of motherhood, but not the only one to capture the essence of motherhood nicely. With both Mother's Day coming up and a new mom-related book published, I've been collecting quotes about moms. DO ANY OF THESE RING TRUE...
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“My heroes are and were my parents. I can’t see having anyone else as my heroes.” ~ Michael Jordan ♥ memories of the first two Valentines who captured my heart ♥xoxo Me ITALIAN LESSON: parents = genitoriPlease feel free to share who your Valentine is this year.
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SLIGHTLY OFF THE MARK   I can make fun of anything. It’s my job. For instance, last July, as we stood on a scenic overlook over the Mississippi River in Missouri (you can’t look at the Missouri River in Mississippi), I got a phone call to tell me my father had cancer. Um … Okay, I can’t make...
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Somehow together with excitement I also experience a feeling of loss as Pesach is fast approaching. It seems that I am already sad thinking of those who would be absent from my Seder. Unfortunately the list of the loved ones who won’t sit around the table is getting longer every year. It...
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This is part of a series of essays about the time I spent with my father in November 2013.  My father is in late stage dementia.  At the time, he still was living at the home he shared with Shirley, his wife of 65 years.    Finding a place to park at St. Patrick Hospital was...
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OK. This is a damned good interview with Tracy Letts. There is something here for every author to learn. [DE] "After I gave my mom the play [“August: Osage County”]to read, her first comment was, “You’ve been very kind to my mother.” Which is true. Had I portrayed my grandmother as accurately...
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I was born in 1980 to a Greek-American mother and a Greek father. My dad was among the second large wave of immigrants to come from Greece in the 1970s and 80s. Though we lived close to Oakland’s Ascension Cathedral, my family wasn’t zealously involved with the church, attending mainly on the big...
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This is a part of a series of essays about precious time I spent with my 89-year old father, Frank, in November, 2013.  It was just before he was moved into a dementia facility.  (see previous Me and Frank posts) Do you know where Shirley is?   You have a car?...
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     Back in 2007 I wrote a poem I titled Orphans. It was written in anticipation of a picnic my family had arranged to celebrate the arrival of my mother and her three siblings from Ireland. These were the orphans of the title and I believe the first line of that...