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False Spring | False Spring

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Winter returned~ scowling and kicking his heels.   Leaves rain down spinning in fury.   Tender buds that recently appeared, when Spring blew her warm breath, are trembling and cowing under the Winter's icy assault.   Birds have stopped warbling  sweet songs of welcome....
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"A False Spring" is so good I cannot do it justice here. It is, along with "Ball Four", "The Suitors of Spring" (also by Pat Jordan) and "Bo: Pitching and Wooing" by Maury Allen, one of the best baseball books ever written. This book describes minor league baseball, the hopes and dreams of a young...
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Darkness has fallen and even though the days are that little bit longer, let it be known that, even now, when the night does come, the black is still the same as it is in mid-November. That would be a coal black or a funeral black and not a velvet soft black that you imagine, one that is  capable...