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I finished a first “official” edit of Jaguar Pride, but will make several passes through before I send it to my beta readers. I have a scene I need to add, and a couple of loose ends I need to cover. But I needed to take a break from it and start fresh with it tomorrow. Which means? I started on...
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When you look out our living room windows now or stand on the deck and look beyond the country road and beyond the green meadows, the woods on the horizon present a colorful array of orange, green, yellow, and red leaves.  I came down to write about them yesterday afternoon; but before I...
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Enjoying the fall colors in da U.P., eh?    Lake Michigan. North shore. Cold!   Even the dog takes a moment to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this gorgeous little lake in the woods.  Unfortunately these photos do no do it justice.  Frog hunt. So appreciation for nature is broken.