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A Place to Worship the chalicethe flamethe peacethat I feelhaving not even passedthrough its doors    
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A Tiny Little Gold Crucifix By Bernadette A. Moyer It was a tiny little gold crucifix and it came in a little black jewelry store box from our local jewelers. I was stunned when it was presented to me and I remember exactly where I was when I received it. I was living in Sparks, Maryland and had...
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Life is purely a game Which may bring fame Or many times shame Let not mind turn lame   Success is a smart dame Hard-work is her name Hope is a burning fame For tears, fear is to blame   By showing immense will You can kill worry-devil Before life becomes nil Benefit the World via skill...
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December 23     Lame   I easily identify the big mistakes of my life, but fail to recognize or report the little mistakes that I make, mistakes, which cost me so much.  Repetitive irresponsibility has the effect of water torture; drip, drip, drip and my peace of mind is worn...
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“Be remembered for what you do next.” ~ Today I Will____:        Today I will…. be remembered as someone who is compassionate with the sacrifice and joy, and great responsibility that come with motherhood. I will share to all that I have more lessons to learn with being a better...
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Commenting on my recent blog post about the Pilgrim Fathers, Nicholas Mackey asks if I've investigated the line of ancestry which inspires a heartfelt fascination with its theme. The answer is that what has been discovered to date is sketchy. I spend so many hours researching other people's...
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Why is your religion and/or religious belief powerless to change you? Powerless to change the world? This might explain it… In Voice of Reason, a book shared with me by my Facebook friend, Bill Butler, author Bryant McGill writes: “Take any concept you believe in deeply and say...
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To believe, what does that mean? To have faith, can you explain? Faith, the capacity to believe, is an innate gift of Divine grace imparted to you at birth. In other words, you are a believer at birth. How do I know this? I was reminded of this as I awakened today. I went to sleep last night, as I...
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All structures…foundations...all pillars of faith….in other words, all beliefs are uncertain, temporary, and they are not…I repeat…they are not the source of authentic faith… …if authentic faith is what you seek.  Faith is authentic…genuine…most real…when it has nothing upon which to stand....
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Little by Little the gaps are being filled in. My basic training in life is paying off. A few glitches to hurdle but with practice I will get better.   Faith is not about knowing what to do.  Nor is it about being sure. Rather, it’s betting on myself to do the best I can.   Amazing...