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Great interview on the Gibson website with amazing rock photog Tom Wright, whose 2007 memoir, Roadwork: Rock & Roll Turned Inside Out, I had the immense pleasure of co-writing...
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“Now I would like to call upon a stage, Dr. Jitu Rajgor to receive an Award for ‘The Best Author, Media writer and Adviser to the association,’ Hon. Health Minister will give this award to him.” Announcer’s voice is ringing like a bell in my ears. I hear joyful murmurs from the audience in the...
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I want to share a great article I read in Parade magazine today. Writer Connie Schultz shared her reflections on five pictures of herself taken at ages 12, 21, 37, 45, and 53, after finding the George Orwell quote she has carried in her wallet for years. The quote:  "At age 50, everyone has...
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  A Charlie Brown version of Aberjhani                                   Rina    This is Jitu, so I think I can make it more like Jitu next time.         ...
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  へのへのもへじ   henohenomoheji   The above face is a standard Japanese face design in kana letters.  I don't know who created it or when, but this has been used in many designs for centuries.  Ryokan, a Buddhist monk and poet, drew this kind of face, but I'm unsure if he was the...
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For a change of pace, another guessing game. I'll be posting pictures of writers who are: American Famous Of the Twentieth Century Name 'em, and you'll gain my somewhat bemused admiration. Ready?  
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More great news! New Musical Expess, the esteemed British music weekly, is featuring rock photog Tom Wright's amazing images in an online gallery. Check it out here. The photos – of the Who, Faces, Rod Stewart, Elvis Costello, and more – are from Raising Hell On The Rock 'N' Roll Highway,...