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I'm now a member of the Erotic Lounge, check us out on wordpress... http://theeroticlounge.wordpress.com/about-us/
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On Thursdays Phil Naessens Show The Sports Goons Jameyan Smith joins Phil for another episode of Facebook Fugazi's followed by a closer look at the Atlanta Hawks, New York Knicks and the Atlanta Braves. To download this program to your portable device please right click the image below and select "...
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    I have self published my book Fun4Babies in March 2013. It is already for sale on Amazon, Kobo, Sony, e-Sentral. I have also sold 25 copies of the paper back so far. To look for book signing, trainings and other events follow me on facebook at Fun4Babies Book page or...
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Posts about sensitivity towards people with incurable diseases abound today. People posting about how someone suggested an alternative method of treatment and not taking pharmacological remedies because they are poison made someone feel hurt and misunderstood. These people would be healthy if they...
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This post was written while wearing my internet CEO hat (sounds attractive, no?). I welcome questions from Red Roomers about what does or doesn't apply to authors and publishing houses. For example, authors value self-expression, and some publishing houses, like Red Room Press, value the spread of...
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Are the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets junk? How will former 49er QB Alex Smith fare in Kansas City? Where is the best place to watch a game and what is the best food to go with it plus learn how to see who is viewing your Facebook profile, fake fans vs real fans......plus much much more....
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Little by little, I'm still lurching into the 21st century.  The latest baby step...an "author page" on Facebook.  Here's the link, https://www.facebook.com/runningwithstilettos, please stop by for a look and a "Like"! www.runningwithstilettos.com  
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If you happen to be on Facebook, please consider stopping by my Author page ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stephen-Evans/118997078189225 ) and clicking Like.  Facebook says if I get enough Likes I will get insight into my activities. And I have to admit many of my activities...
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On Thursdays Phil Naessens Show The Sports Goons Jameyan Smith joins Phil to discuss Valentines Day, Facebook Fugazi's and a look at the NBA's Eastern and Western Conferences.   To download this program to a portable listening device or to your hard drive right click the link below...
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Good manners are made up of petty sacrifices.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Most of us have been taught the social graces necessary to behave properly in polite society; however, a good number has either chosen to forget or refuses to comply.  Good manners shouldn't be a cultural convention...