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Someone on PPA (Professional Photographers of America) recently asked "Ads in Instagram... should you consider them?", then went on to talk about seeing ads on their Instagram feed and noticing the "lack a sales message".  Really?  Are you serious? I really don't get this method of...
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I just went public with a fan page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Geling-Yan/6520057508 Please feel free to "like" it.  
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Now that I've had my e-book up on Amazon for five days for free, here’s what I've learned! As part of Amazon's standard policies, every quarter KDP offers the opportunity to their authors to promote their book for free for 5 days out of every 90.  As the opening experiment of...
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This was written (and posted on Facebook) by my son Mark yesterday after the government shutdown.  With his permission, I think it bears repeating. He is fed up with the way Washington and so many others are acting. I understand what he means. I hope you do, too. A Guest blog from my younger...
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So I've been away for much longer than usual.  Exhaustion, work, sinus infections and some serious insomnia (so bad that, despite a lifetime with the issue, I had to take a sick day for it for the first time), but I'm plugging along.  Here are a few quick considerations in the...
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Step one: upload my first three video attempts to YouTube.  Step Two: upload them to my Red Room page. Step three: tweet them. Done, done and done. No sweat. But step four, sharing them on Facebook, is giving me the jitters. Specifically, the problem is that ...
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Image via CrunchBase Breaking into freelance writing doesn't get easier than this. If you're like me and have lots of ideas bouncing around your head and don't know where to share them, or if you're just dipping your toe into freelance writing, Yahoo! Voices is the venue for you. Maybe...
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I belong to the Israeli group “I am a feminist and I also don’t have a sense of humor” on Facebook. The group defines itself as “the group of disgruntled uber feminists and their friends." The group serves as a watchdog against discriminating misogynistic practices in different areas of life...
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I'm leery of Facebook.  Wary.  Distrustful, even.  There are security issues, privacy issues.  Things are offered up to be Liked and Shared to provide condemnation of them but to put out the word that these things are happening.  Knowledge is power and we must know about...