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I'd slipped into a mantra without realizing it, repeating it as drifts of events piled up against me.  With Mom suffering cancer, wife suffering RA, friends suffering cancer, along with the cat, and a second cat suffering kidney failure, I slipped into thinking of them often, wishing, hoping,...
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2013 is making a name for itself in my life with things happening.  It's a fast paced year, Seabiscuit breaking out of the final turn and pulling away.  Such a fast paced year with so much happening already has tossed me.  I feel like a leaf on a tree enduring a storm.  All of...
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I hate this time of year. This inbetween everything feeling. Inbetween jobs. Inbetween knowing what I want, and what I need. Inbetween two amazing people. Trying to be good. I have no money. All my photography work is basically over for the year, and I only start my IT work next year.  Waiting on...
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Words.  Books.  I was looking at my bookshelves the other day, astonished at how much I've read in my life.  You'd think I'd be wiser, more intelligent, as peaceful as Buddha reading and rocking in a hammock on a summer's day.  When did I fall in love with books?  I don't exactly remember, but I...