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Yesterday I went to the mall.It was one of those high-class megacomplexes.Upscale, upwardly moving, a temple of commerce.A architectural celebration of merchantry.Built of blazing glass and tempered steel.A wonder to behold.Quite nice.No riff-raff here.No refuge for the riff-raff here. Only room...
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Anna Karenina – Section Eight, by Leo Tolstoy  image via pinkofperfection.com Vronsky has received a note from Anna, written prior to her following him to the train station – begging him to return to her.  With this in hand, and as he learns of Anna’s death, he’s devastated. Since he’s a...
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Anna Karenina – Section Seven, by Leo Tolstoy  image via hostilework.blogspot.com There’s been a slowly fructifying issue in the story to date, and I haven’t been giving it its due: that Lévin is slowly creeping toward an existential showdown within himself over religious belief. In this...