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The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt   Imagine a book written in the twenty-first century with pen and pencil in notebooks, work on the novel taking place over ten years. What would such a book be like? How long would it be? What impact would it have on readers? Judging by sales charts in the New...
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This autumn is drunk with colours and fruit. Red-blushed, in their own sweet time, apples have been falling with soft thuds onto the dewy lawn for weeks. Each morning they blink at me, and shout – help, pick me up, the slugs are coming. They’re good for something, but did you know...
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If Terry Pratchett wrote a prose revision of the user guide to my iPhone, (a) I'd memorize it and (b) I'd know how to use the bloody thing. He's my author of authors. Like many Pratchett fans, I honestly resent when he writes outside the Disc World, but only for about five minutes, after which I'm...
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Farrokh Nazerian was born in Iran, lived in England and currently resides in Santa Barbara, he has been a journalist, editor, poet, entrepreneur, art collector, developer, and above all, he has been a lifelong student of “knowledge. Now he has also been a guest on “A Book and a Chat”. His novel...
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I just had a terrifically good evening of theater, watching a stellar production of Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance at the Aurora Theatre Company, in Berkeley. If the rest of the season’s plays come anywhere close, this is going to be one hell of a 20th anniversary for the Aurora. The three-act...
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Life is: a) embodied b) on the move c) in the pursuit of wellbeing As such, a case could be made that we are RVs (recreational vehicles). Motor on!
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1.I counted time.It doesn’t add up.No matter how long you swoosh this mouthful of life,The aftertaste of time ain’t gonna rinse out.2.At a bottom of a lake, I sit,Breathing through a straw,Divining what’s on the surface.They taught me tricks but they didn’t teach me how to un-trick them.So, I sit,...
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I’m not an existentialist but I know a prodding thing when I see one. Which is why Gina Myers’ sweet essay up at ColdFront today is timely — my students just read The Myth of Sisyphus and watched the films, “Woman In the Dunes” (Teshigahara adapted Kobe Abe’s book of the same title) and “The...
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The existential "alphabet" of Being begins not with the letter A, but with the verb "to Be," which in its turn takes root from the so-called "B-root," the Proto-Indo-European language base of the verb "to be." The "B-root" (bheu or bhu) - from which...