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We're talking about illness and death.  That's why I exercise so much, one man says, to keep me healthier as I grow older.  Oh, if it all were all so simple.  All our plans and executions are so simple, aren't they?  We dream of a life and make it so, right?  Fall in love,...
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There's something about the city lights, staring up at them, watching the snowflakes fall beneath the shimmer, a glistening of falling hope. It makes you feel faith slipping from your fingertips, the intricate prints intertwining with lost identity. There's something about the nightly walks I take...
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I admit it - I don't understand everything happening with Red Room. It's sort of like taxes or the more esoteric relationships we cultivate, or our stomach and our bowels:  sometimes we don't know what's going on, we just accept the outcome. I know that I'm a lowly Member.  I've not paid...
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I don't know how old he is.  He probably told me but I don't remember. He was born in North Dakota but he moved to Montana with his family and then to Oregon, in 1941. He loved car so he wanted to be an engineer.  Living in Gresham, Oregon, he married when he wa sseventeen.  He met...
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SHE calls me body electric. SHE – incarnate as hu-wo-man – oh the mystery – and such hard problem for the scientists who establish evidence of truth via the elimination of untruths. Meanwhile they identify my parts, their functions and complexities … I’m a miracle, my ears perk at the slightest...
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I've been a rat all of my life.  I didn't know it at first, just as I didn't know I was a male, white American child.  I learned these things, and along the way I learned I was a rat. The rat connection began with Mom.  Many people were "rat bastards" in her frame of references....
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I feel half-human today and that's ridiculously too much.
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Just a vague thought. I was talking with a barrista about art and realized that I didn't know my mother for a long time. Yes, she gave birth to me and I lived with her for years, depending on her for my food, health and security. But I didn't know her. It wasn't until I moved away and didn't see...
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Many things amaze me. Four things amaze me more than others. Those four things define me more than the other things that amaze me. There are scales of amazement. I'm not talking about the, "Wow, that' a great chocolate lava," cake variation of amazement, a fantastic orgasm, or how amazingly...
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My wife was lamenting our lives the other day. As I rant about things, she laments how we live. We don't eat healthy enough and we don't live the life she expected. I know that feeling. Most of my life has not been what I expected. When I joined the military, I didn't expect it to be a career. When...