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The crap will hit the fan once he finally remembers my last name.   Because my ex-husband is paralyzed by what people think of him.  PARALYZED.  One of our daughters quipped the other day:  "If I got hit by a car, Dad would probably be upset that I might have hurt the other...
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Last night I received an email from Hoity-Toity forwarding news from Cutty. My ex-husband, Nick, had died. I thought at first he had died in the last day or so, but he had died October 8 and the obituary was printed in the local newspaper just yesterday. Nine days between his death and the obit...
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I seem to be going through an awkward phase... Lately it seems that I have been confronted with more than my share of awkward situations. Last week, someone made a comment about my red hair ( I had just had the color refreshed.)The person said they had always liked red heads. I felt a bit squirmy....
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In my dreams, my husband and my ex-husband appear united.  It is as if my subconscious has created a category for the word husband and slipped both of these men into the one slot.  Dreamtime: I might be eating dinner with one, or shopping for groceries, or painting a wall.  The paintbrush rises up...
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Being betrayed by your best friend is essentially the same feeling you have when you lose a best friend through death in a tragic accident. I know, I have experienced both, and both times my world was rocked. I felt as if an 8.0 earthquake had hit, only the tremors didn't stop a few days later,...