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So, history is moving with a type of terminal velocity right now and I've got a few personal thoughts that I think I'd like to share. Something gruesome is happening and somehow we need to accept, appreciate and consider the impending beauty. Lately when I watch the news or read the paper I find my...
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Eveline Bodymindspirit ‎9 March new energies will sweep the universe which will propel a process designed to lead the universe and the human beings to their highest state of consciousness.* check it out @ http://calleman.com/content/articles/dawn_of_the_unity_wave.htm
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Years ago Charles Darwin mulled over a theory of evolution by natural selection – theidea that species evolve or disappear in response to natural selection, so that only the fittest survive. I read these words in a book about Archaeology, one of my many interests. But as normally happens in my...
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"Where the spirit doesn't work with the hand there is no art."  Leonardo DaVinci Spirituality & art are partners in the unfoldment of the authentic Self. We are all creators, we all possess the capacity to create.  Spirituality & Art both lend them selves to be catalyst in a...
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“Both the French paleontologist-priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the Russian atheist Vladimir Vernadsky agreed that Earth is developing a global mind.   The layer of thought in the shape of a sphere they called the noosphere, from Greek noos, mind.  The aggregate net of throbbing life, from...
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Debate continues as to the cause of the extinction of the human species. Humans were top predators for several million years. They seem to have been a single species. They were to be found on almost every part of the planet they called Earth, the majority living in huge colonies. Like the dinosaurs...
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Last night the National Center for Science Education, the premier defender of good science teaching in the nation's schools, spotlighted Darwin's Universe: Evolution from A to Z, on their websiteand recommended the book to their Twitter and Friends lists. Fifteen pages of the book—complete with...
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I was hovering at the bottom of a vast ocean abyss…My human essence  was buried within darkness and uncertainty, submerged in a dark and  impersonal void . Slowly I began to emerge from the dark abyss, and soon floated  to the point where the first ray of light spread most promising in abysmal...
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In her blog, On the Wild Side, for the New York Times, the science writer Olivia Judson came right out and said it. She let the cat out of the bag and spilt the beans in a hissing, scratching, slippery mess. Here is how she put it:   It always happens the same way. A glance around the room to...
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Happy to report some significant recognition for the Milner shows and book. First eight of my songs about Darwin and evolution were chosen to be performed by a 100-voice children's choir at MIT by the North Cambridge Family Opera Company. The children were amazing in their performances of my rapid-...