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I know you I know you well You need not tell As I need you You got to be honest and true  I approach Not to please you as such But in view to accommodate And relate  I needed you For the life journey to pass through But await signal And agree...
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Land mine blast has caused some deathsScores of soldiers on duty had their last breathCountry is silent and so is the leadershipOnly family of the bereaved persons may weep Few bucks may be paid to families as tokenFuneral with full state of honor but faith is shaken This may go on and we may...
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Very bad quality I waited in my room on first nightHe was at the door in full mood as Mr. RightI lowered the eyes to wait for some more closenessTo raise my veil and look at the face Nothing of that sort happened as he dropped He was fully drunk and on my feet stoppedHe murmured some thing...
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  Normal life for ordinary people have become impossible Life is full of hell and unbearable with troubles Not a square meal can be afforded Seized with tension and heavily loaded   May be the situation all over world People have suffered but turned cold Rich becomes richer and poor...
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No use in crying or shedding tears in such a wayJesus is never far and stays awayHe is always near to or in fact in your heartGuides you each step and remains as inseparable part Everything is destined to be happy moment There is no scope to curse or resentWhy tears should find place in eyes?...
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    Do the animals not care for their new born? Do we have to look towards them and turn? Is it the domain reserved for only mankind? So many questions hunted mind with no solution   Every moment the animals look around  Shift the place frequently as long as it is not found...