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Nobody tells you when you're 28 that when you reach 38 you should be trying to prep yourself for 40.   That whole nubile body thing where you can jump up from the bed at a moments notice needs to be reinforced when you're 37 so when you reach 38 its not a surprise to your older less mobile...
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A lacey white training bra Started this  Love hate relationship   Me and my girls  Always threw a fit   First it was My cup size  No greater pressure had been Placed upon the alphabet    It became a symbol of my social significance And my potential educational...
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I am a great believer that in life there are no accidents...   Obviously i'm starting to pay attention to this whole life thing much better than I used to Anywhozawhatzit This new series of work “Body Shots…A Love Story?” has begun a life of its own. #Theuniverse has definitely seen something...
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In Latin the word is illuminatus, in Italian it is illuminato and it refers to those who claim special illumination, spiritual or intellectual. The word is often capitalized when applied to the members of various special sects or groups. [Webster's Collegiate Dictionary]. Suellen Ocean is the...
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Is your surname Wroten, Rothen, Roten, Rotin, Roden or any of the many versions of that sounding name? "Rotenu", is the name the Egyptians gave to the tribes living near the Dead Sea, who were the children of Lot "Lotan". Lot was the nephew of Abraham. In the bible, in the "Book of Numbers", there...
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Busy with adventures in TV, film, magazines, websites.<> DOCUMENTARIES  Official production on Istanbul-based VTR’s film about the making of Expat Harem will begin in October, destined for the Istanbul European Culture Capital 2010 celebrations.  Designed as a 90-minute film in four 23-...