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Nelson Mandela was one more person who accepted the offer to go Home this week. Mandela is typical for souls who have the option and choose to go Home this time of the year. The people who wonder if Halloween is the busiest day of the year with all of the souls and ghosts are always dismayed to...
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Psalm 39:4-5 Show me, O Lord, my life’s end and the number of my days; let me know how fleeting is my life. You have made my days a mere handbreadth; the span of my years is as nothing before you. Each man’s life is but a breath.   I am so glad that I have no idea what will happen in the...
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  The Mind’s Eye – writings on Photography and Photographers, by Henri Cartier-Bresson, is a lovely book I received for Christmas from a dear friend. I was reminded how H C B inspired my photographic work with its poetry and Golden Mean, and still inspires other creative areas,...
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            Recently I was told that an elderly woman I know had suddenly found herself in absolute darkness for less than a second.  That was followed by a feeling of light and warmth and love.  The light grew in intensity until it was no longer a...
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or eternity in memory?
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  Chopin wrote his first piano concerto when he was seventeen. I hold it for the most beautiful piece ever written for piano. It was of course written for piano and orchestra, as the title concerto implies, but the orchestra is there more out of satisfying a custom, rather than because it plays a...
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Hidden at the new Immokalee Technical Center (iTECH) in Florida, under the pen name D. K. Christi, is an author with two stories in two recently released anthologies:  The World Outside the Window and Romance of My Dreams.  “Rose’s Question” in The World Outside the Window, explores the themes of...
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I had a dream last night.  I woke up feeling happy and content. I decided I must ponder this dream all day before I write about it.  Sometimes when I write too quickly, when thoughts or ideas come to my head, I babble and I have no direction in my writing. I went to bed last night a bit disturbed...
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If "Death be not proud", then - what is it? Does not "pride cometh before a fall"? And don't you fall when you are dead? Down. Unto, and then under, the ground. This seems to be one of those Eternal conflicts which can not be solved until you are, well, dead. And then if you do...