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About two weeks ago I did the Landmark Forum, which is the first seminar in a series of seminars done by Landmark education.  It was an interesting experience, to say the least.    Click here to read a thorough review of Landmark Education's program "The Forum."    For more...
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USING ENGLISH IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Synopsis: The book is a 'need-based' language learning book for use by tertiary level students of earth and mineral sciences. It follows the ESP approach to language teaching. Book Excerpt: USING ENGLISH IN...
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Empathy is our newest cultural celebrity, now that Susan Boyle has collapsed in the face of the unrelenting beast of huge and instant fame. (But we really feel for her and understand her let-down and nervous exhaustion as if it were our own. Honest.) Like "networking" years ago or "...
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In late spring, I move out of Maureen and J.B.'s house.  I find a studio apartment on the second floor of a house on Fourth Street.  My floor of the building is nestled in the branches of two oak trees.  The large casement windows open out, and it's as if the leaves breathe gold-green light into...