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I think I've spent close to three hours in bits and pieces finishing up my listing on something called "AuthorsDen.com"  Does anybody have any thoughts to the site's usefulness or anything else?  Here's my listing... http://www.authorsden.com/visit/author.asp?AuthorID=153769  
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By Gina Misiroglu To celebrate Father's Day, June 19th, Red Room asked several of its authors to write about their dads, their own experiences as fathers, or other memorable stories about fatherhood. It's been my pleasure to shepherd these articles to AOL's ParentDish and MyDaily channels, or to...
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I love the essay collection, Orphans, by Charles D'Ambrosio, and currently have an appreciation up at The Last Book I Loved feature over at The Rumpus. You can read it here.
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All writers write for free at some point.  Bradly Cooper's character in Limitless not withstanding, who do you know who has had no published work but has still gotten a contract and an advance to write a novel?  Some celebrities, perhaps, but they don't really count.  And they often have ghosts who...
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I wanted, after thinking about it, to add this to my previous post about my somewhat pragmatic use of poetry: I do like poetry, and I do like writing it. I'm reading a book of essays by T.S. Eliot at the moment, as I contend with trying to write coherent poetry. His essays are largely about poetry...
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I can't say enough about writing for free, as long as you do it with passion and enthusiasm and joy! I got my first break into freelance writing about twenty five years ago, when I was a young soccer mom with an infant and a toddler.  I had been a newspaper reporter before starting to raise a...
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Until late Sunday evening on May 1, 2011, the big news in discussions focused on President Barack Obama throughout the weekend was that he and First Lady Michelle Obama were scheduled to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show on May 2. Then TV journalists interrupted regular television broadcasts at...
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I have two new essays that, coincidentally, both went up today. One is at the new site Modern Love Rejects. It's called "The Unlikely Other Woman." It feels dated to me, because it's from a while ago, but as part of my new try, try, try again attitude, I thought it fitting to send a...
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I just signed the contract with iUniverse to produce my third collection of essays, whose title shall remain a state secret until the book is actually "live"!  I'm really hoping to see this in print in time to have fun talking about it and selling it in Chicago at the Printers Row Lit...
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Hey there, I just have some good news to share!  My first essay collection, "Running with Stilettos: Living a Balanced Life in Dangerous Shoes" (2008, iUniverse) picked up a Gold "Mom's Choice Award" in the Inspirational/Motivational category of Adult Books.  I think this brands...