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Pick up the May 2013 issue of Reader's Digest to read my essay about how I left the ground  . . .  available at your magazine or checkout stand now!  
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As I mentioned earlier, I have an essay in the upcoming anthology The Other Man. It'll be coming out in e-book format first, followed by a print edition a short time later. Here's the link for the e-book. And here's the link for the print edition. In either case, you'll also get to read an excerpt...
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Let's end the week on a high note. Here's the cover art for the anthology The Other Man, edited by Paul Allen Fahey and being published by JMS Books, which will include my essay "What If?" And oh my, I'm listed at the top! (Although, as a graphic designer, I realize that's because the shape of...
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I have pretty much cut away all of the negative influences in my personal circle. The kind of people who drag you down with their constant pissing and moaning about the sorry state of their lives. Certain ones--family members are the worst--really get my goat. These despicable creatures are so self...
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You say you want a resolution? Well, you know, we all want to change the world. Just don’t expect everyone in the household to like it. Way back when, my mother decided to install swinging doors between the hall and living room. They looked like the type of doors cowboys swaggered through in...
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This Christmas there is at least one book I will read with my family, a tradition begun by my mom: Van Dyke's The Other Wise Man, a story beautifully capturing the essence of Christmas and of faith, telling the story of the fourth wise man, who never made it to the manger.  But...
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    "Worldbuilding". The first time I ever ran across this phrase in relation to fiction writing, I thought it was a bit pretentious, but I know better now.  It is an incredibly accurate term, elegant in its simplicity as it describes a fascinating and difficult process facing...
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POET ON PAINTING?AMY KINGPosted on October 16th, 2012   Authors on Artists: Amy King on Leonor Fini, Leonora Carrington, and Frida KahloPaint Is the Abyss’ Law, Living the Accent: Marginalia on Absorption   Paint Is the Secretion of Scene on Leonor Fini’s Set    I...
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My colleague Kate Krake, of vividscribe.com, wrote an essay on the topic of metamodern movie musicals, for example, High Fidelity.* I illustrated it as a comic and it is now available for digitial download here, free for a limited time! You will get something out of this comic regardless of how...
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You have arrived when you have expressed your pain, your love, your story, your dream through art. Art is the last three letters of HEart; the HE is God our Father. And with God All things are possible. Rethink your life and envision your purpose. Break the cycle of muzzled dreams as Alice Walker...