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"I gasped the first time we came over the great swell of rock that buttresses the Canyonlands. It’s like falling, but standing still. The land opens, evaporates from under you. The world goes so wide you think you’ve missed it. More buttresses of stone float past—Church Rock, Tuhkinikivats Arch,...
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Hello all...I am seeking travel related manuscripts that can be anything from essay to memoir to short story to short short to poetry and whatever people come up with. I would love to pay what these are worth (thousands, I'm sure), but for now can only offer $25 and publication on my website....
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Two quick questions.  Any advice offered would be appreciated: The owner of a local boutique has offered me the chance to have a book signing at her shop.  I've had a few pieces published, and the rights have reverted back to me by now.  I've already requested 25 copies of a snazzy-...
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  My grandmother’s Armenian Bible is falling apart—its cardboard covers are worn, the spine is broken, the first 48 pages are missing, and until recently it was held together by a thick rubber band. When the rubber band cracked and crumbled, I tied a bright satin ribbon around it to hold it...
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 "Uninvited", Revised 2013 (The following letter is intended to be read aloud in a weary, Maggie Smith as Downton Abbey Dowager voice. Please forgive the unfortunate, uneven spacing at various junctures.)   Dear Charlene:          ...
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  My recent shaking of the submission tree is beginning to bear fruit. I am very pleased to announce that the literary journal Pithead Chapel has selected my essay “Florence and Marion” for their October issue. What a lovely way to begin the month! http://pitheadchapel.com/florence-and-marion...
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The essay I submitted last night has been accepted today. How can you write when you have Parkinson? You will know all about it this Thursday.
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My new essay "How Books Help Children Understand Bullying and Regain Self-Esteem" is posted on the website of the Association for Library Service to Children.  If you want to go to the website, here is the link: http://www.alsc.ala.org/blog   Scroll down past the request...
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Harper’s Magazine, July 2013 and August 2013   Summertime and the livin’ is easy, the song says, and who’s to say magazines don’t get to chillax some then, too? That’s the way I felt after reading the July issue of Harper’s Magazine - still good, still professional, but with a tinge...
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Doing a shout-out over the fact that after seven months of hosting each and every one of my children's four cats while they (the kids, not the cats) have gallivanted around the globe, I get to tell my side of the story! And yes, that handsome gentleman lounging atop the baby grand piano is...