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Done. And I’m intrigued. It’s possible that I did actually communicate with the dead – specifically. my baby sister Marie, who died of alcohol poisoning in Las Vegas in 2011. She was my target – the discarnate I wanted most to reach. I was nervous before the sitting. I write about the paranormal,...
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“Due to a series of bad relationships in my life, and to my rundown state of health, I just couldn’t see any sense in my life going on. With my thoughts running round and round in endless circles, I began to think of a way to end it all. Suddenly, as clearly as if she were in the room, I heard the...
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Betty and her son Chris, who live in Michigan, have a dog named Brady. When he disappeared for a week, they placed an ad in the newspaper with a $50 reward.   “At about 11:00 one evening,” Betty wrote us, “I received a phone call from a man who was sure he had Brady. He gave me instructions to...
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English poet John Donne, famous for his line “No man is an island, entire of itself,” would love this ESP story.  “I was giving my son a birthday party,” a woman wrote to us. “The party was in full swing, so to speak, when my eyes were drawn to a clock on the wall. I noticed it was 2...
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“My terminally ill husband was in intensive care at a hospital where he spent the last six weeks of his life. The day he died, I went to visit him before I went to work.  When I left him, I couldn't go to the office but wandered aimlessly around the neighborhood stores with an...
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Joe McMoneagle is a decorated, retired Army officer and former remote viewer (clairvoyant) for the U.S. government’s once top secret, Star Gate “psychic spy” program, declassified in 1995. Millions of Americans have seen him on ABC-TV, or read about his exploits in Time and Newsweek. Few know that...
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“I am a mother of three. Two boys and one girl. The two boys are the older and my girl the youngest.  They are now grown up and attending college.  When my boys were about eleven and seven or perhaps a bit younger, I had taken them to my Mom's house for the weekend.  I am...
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Mike Spradley is a 63-year old Texas executive working in the oil industry. I say he’s psychic.  Here’s his “stump-the–skeptics” experience.  If you can debunk it, let’s hear your reasons. We’ll let Red Room readers decide.  Let the games begin!  “In August 1979, I was working...
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We’re mere weeks away from the 10th anniversary of the horrific 9-11 terror attack on New York City, and I still can’t decide whether Becky’s 9-11 experience is a case of genuine ESP. I’ll let you decide. Here’s her strange story, based on the taped notes from my original interview for...