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February 7   THE SEAMLESS DOOR     Tongue and groove fit tight; the pickled boards belie the passage.  Hinges buried deep, secreted inside the place with no words, the door remains shut, hidden.  The air, candy sweet, the space, filled with the unbroken stream of surreal...
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  It is a tragic end to what was more than a love story. The Taliban are not friends of love. Sushmita Banerjee returned to Afghanistan after a dramatic escape from that country. Why did she go back, only to be killed? After tying up her husband and other family members, they kidnapped her...
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I don't know why this didn't occur to me earlier, but every time one of my stories appears in a magazine, I ought to mention it here, both to attract readers and give the magazine some credit. If you go to themissingslate.com you'll find that my latest piece, "Who Has A Real Castle Where I Can Hide...
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Promise of Tomorrow Volume 2: Discovery reveals some secrets. My new Amish serialized novel started with the destructive forces of nature, sending the Umble family running for their lives. They boarded a transport as a tornado destroyed their home. In Discovery, the transport arrives at...
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  April 15     Chickens and Eggs     Who is more sober the early riser or the long-timer?  How do we get here and what does it mean.  It all starts with a day, which is good because this is more than we had hoped for, sometimes more than we could do.  Then it...
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  February 6   Two Powers     The river and the bridge; one force swift and roiling the other stolid and stoic, the first carries me away and the other carries me over.  For the love of liquid, current and life I have slipped in to the water and washed; my life abandoned....
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  Day Five              I'm back at Tammie's.  Being with my grandchildren is temporarily therapeutic.  Teri talked to Dennis, who is still at the house, refusing to leave.  He is angry that I had told him I would...
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December is a contradictory month.  Seasons end and start. The holiday season hits a few high notes, peters into a slow decay and then comes to the last day and gives a final shout.  Fall ends and winter begins up here in the northern hemisphere.  Down below the equator, they're...
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  Although I write every day, working on a novel, short story or essay, there are times I need a large space of time away from these daily tasks. Flush out my mind and reset my senses in a place that will allow me to anticipate the stories to come, I head for the South for the next week....
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I ran away once, but I didn't get far. I ran away twice, but the room was filled with bars. I ran in circles, I ran in my dreams, I ran away thrice, but I can't get free. © annettealaine-2012